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Week 9   

Motion, Acceleration

NOTE: These lectures were recorded before the current workbook was revised, so the page numbers that I cite in the lectures won't match. Go by what is indicated in the blue type above each image of the lecture.

(1)  Page 70 

(2)  Page 71 

(3)  Page 72 

(4)   Page 73 

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(5)   Page 74

(6)   Page 74 (continued) 

(7)   Page 75 

(8)   Page 76

(9)   Page 77 

(10)   Page 78 

(11)   Page 79 

Pages 80-82 (Examples 4, 5, 6)

are lab exercises. Do these on your own, and then check your answers with the solutions in the guide below:

NOTE: This does not have to be turned in. This is for your benefit. That said, don't skip it!

(12) Now here's some acceleration!

(13)   Here are practice problems to go with the video, including the "how to" solutions. You don't need to submit these for review - they're for your benefit.

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