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Week 3 

(1) Pages 26 - 34 

Scale of the Universe

This lecture gets us into the topic of "Lookback time," and is  covered in Chapter 2 in the text. 

There will be a graded homework assignment in "Achieve" that goes with this.

After completing the above lecture, the video below should be more relevant. Note the distances cited on the left-hand side of the screen and how they are expressed in terms of light speed and "look-back time." Most of the images you will see are actual photos with very little CGI, except at the very end.

(2) Required viewing


The following topics are also covered in Chapter 2 in the text. If we are to understand our current concept of the Universe, it's essential to know how we got here. 

Yeah, history IS important!

(3) Page 35

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(6) Page 38

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