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Week 1       

We'll start the course with a math review. It shouldn't surprise anyone that math is critical for success in a physics course. 

If you're already a whiz with math, then relax, sit back, 

and collect your "easy A". 

If you're a little rusty, then this should help. 

Either way,  I think you'll see I've got a few tricks to show you that you may not have seen before.

Your first quiz will be on Achieve, and I'll post it next week (Week 2). Once it's posted, you'll have one week to complete it.


You'll no doubt notice that the white board behind me in the video indicates "Week 2." Ignore it - it's just a holdover from last semester when I ran a slightly different sequence of lectures.

(1) Intro - Page 1 Physics Workbook

(2) Page 2 Positive Exponents

(3) Page 3 Negative Exponents

(4) Page 4 Zero Power

(5) Pages 5, 6, 7

(6) Pages 8-12 Operations in Scientific Notation

More Practice With Scientific Notation:

(You do NOT need to turn these in)

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